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Realized Serenity

Realized Serenity supports a safe and welcoming environment for those in recovery in all forms. We cultivate a practice of developing new habits through repetition and practice.

Realized Serenity merges the psychological, spiritual and physical aspects of Breath, Yoga and a Higher Power. The standardized, trauma-informed practice of breath and movement incorporates mindfulness, peer support, and the spiritual principles of recovery into a physical group activity.

After a brief optional, check-in sharing session, a certified yoga instructor guides participants through a sequence of yoga postures that embodies the spiritual principles of recovery, to “work” the 12 Steps physically.

As we focus and learn different breathing techniques and movement we learn skills that help regulate our emotions. Each class is followed by a Guided Body Scan and a 12 Step Yoga Nidra meditation.

Our practice is open to anyone. There is no cost for this class, only donations. All you have to do is show up when you can. All donations received go to the support of our community. (A donation of $1 is recommended but never required)

Come as you are (Shorts, Yoga Attire or Sweatpants suggested). No Yoga experience required. Bring a Yoga Mat if you have one.

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